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reaching yourWellness

From everyday learning to the deepest reaches of the mind.


we strive insupport people, companies and organizations to achieve states of well-being, harmony, peace and calm. Using various methods and technologiesthat we developed specifically for your needs or your team. 

contact usand start designing new realities.

Our Community

Community, Peace and Healing

Our main goal is to encouragecomprehensive health and quality of lifeby linking people, groups,companies and organizationsto co-create a newcollective consciousness.

Through an ecosystem of products and services, you will find the means that you and your environment need to generate greater well-being.

Collective Benefit

Our mission is to generate comprehensive health spaces to access the maximum potential of ourindividual and collaborative consciousness.​​

Recursos Humanos y Desarrollo de Talento


Community, Peace and Healing

Our environment of therapists puts at your disposal a wide range of possibilities to build the path of yourhealing

Since psychoanalysts, therapists cognitive, specialists and practitioners of alternative therapies, to personalized solutions to reach the greatest potential of your being.

Contact us to build your path with self-love, harmony and balance

Boutique HR

Thestrategiesmost innovative in the market for attracting and developing specialized talent throughStartups, NGOs and SMEs at a national and international level. 

RecruitYdevelopyour team.

Recursos Humanos y Desarrollo de Talento
Innovación Educativa

Innovative Training in Mexico

We integrate conscious educational perspectives with state-of-the-art technology to create meaningful, radically collaborative and healthy learning processes.

Sincecurriculum design, creation and management of small and large-scale school projects, digital courses, software with artificial intelligence tools, virtual and augmented reality, even sustainable architecture with internet applicationsof things


We accompany you to design the future of education.

Empremdimientos sociales.

Transforming Realities

We work hand in hand withentrepreneurs and entrepreneursfrom perspectives offair, supportive and equitable economy, applying socioeconomic modelsthat break traditional patterns.

We support the creation and radical collaboration ofalternative forms to the monetary economytraditional to pave the way forexchange, barter, blockchain and community partnerships.

Be part of the community!

Estudiante masculino

Our research team is involved in generating citizen projects to continue increasing thescientific heritage of human developmentand studies about the variables that involve theawareness. 

Innovating in Science and Technology


Oscar O´farrill

Ecosistema de Desarrollo Humano y Estudios de la Consciencia

Oscar O´farrill

We accompany you to recover your peace

Psychologist from the Universidad Iberoamericana México and MSC studies. In Cognitive and Learning Psychology at the Ibero-American Faculty of Social Sciences in Argentina and at the Autonomous University of Madrid, and enthusiast of life. Founder, clinical psychotherapist, expert psychologist, speaker and principal investigator of the Ecosystem for Human Development and Consciousness Studies.


He has experience as a consultant in Human Resources and Talent Development, Educational Innovation and Social Development for schools, de-schooling projects, NGOs, companies and organizations such as UNESCO, Save The Children, SEP Mexico, Google for Education, Endless Computers OS, Coca -Cola, Korn Ferry, Cinépolis and more. 


He has collaborated with several research teams from universities such as Newcastle University, UNAM, Universidad de la Plata, Universidad Iberoamericana, PENT FLASCO and current member of the Psychology Proto Task-Force of the Overview Round Table and The Human Space Program.

One of its objectives has been to co-create and implement state-of-the-art psycho-pedagogical processes within its teaching-learning methodologies, supported by technology and digital resources that include conceptual design, AI, SOLE, PBL, STEAM, Blended Learning, Design Thinking and more. .


He has taught at the primary, secondary and university levels. In the sports field, he has worked as a High Performance Psychologist for male and female athletes of various disciplines and ages. He was a player and coach for the National Rugby Team and the National Ice Hockey Team, participating in 13 World Cups, Pan American Games, Central American Games, NACRA and Hong Kong 7s games, among others, earning various distinctions such as MVP, captain and leadership. He was coach of the U-18 and Senior National Team, and of the IBERO University representative team.

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